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The business technology procurement market has evolved in recent years. IT deals are becoming increasingly complex and in today’s cyber-conscious world, End Users have access to more information earlier in the buying process than ever before, which results in delaying initial contact with suppliers while they search for new ways to get what they need.

End Users have access to more information earlier in the buying process than ever before
We bring you engaged buyers looking for your particular solutions

In fact, End Users are already 57% through the purchase process before they even approach a supplier. This means you need to be ready for them in different ways than before. RequestICT gives your customers a credible, simple way to buy more efficiently, which leads back to your unique strengths as an IT Vendor.

Why become a RequestICT Vendor Partner? Some of the benefits are:

Continuous flow of leads

User-generated traffic means more qualified leads
Our website welcomes a steady flow of ICT visitors with a high conversion rate

Pursue the right targets

The right projects for the right vendors
Our reverse-auction system brings you prequalified, ready-to-buy leads that you can bid on immediately.

Private Bidding

Keep your upper hand where it counts
Your competitors will never see your bid proposal, ensuring you the upper hand with your battle-hardened Solution.

That’s OK. But what else can we offer you?

Faster turnaround

Between the time a bid has been placed and a project is awarded

More Affordable

Than the conventional 'lead generation' services available

Less information leaks

Average decrease in information leaks among competitors

Better industry insights

Learn more about your company and your competition

One last thing: Needless to say, End Users love the idea.

Our research shows that End Users are not shopping online for business tech mostly due to a lack of options to do so, which is why we’re expecting accelerated growth in our End User community, however, we ultimately need out-of-the-box thinkers like You to be ready to fulfill their procurement needs.

testimonial author
The platform is simple, yet it gets results. I recommend to give it a try.
William, Oil&Gas Services Company
testimonial author
I got 6 responses within a couple days. Saved SO much time!
Victor, Pipe Manufacturing Company
testimonial author
The RFT builder made it so easy to explain what we needed.
Mary Anne, Financial Services Company
testimonial author
Used the service to compare against quotes I already had, found a better deal within a week.
Max, Hospitality Industry
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