The SOHO Paradox

The SOHO Paradox

It’s curious how SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) networks are a go-to LAN for startup businesses, because of its ease of installation, configuration, and use; however, it’s precisely at the point of startup when you need your ‘stuff’ to stay well-protected.

Security challenges impact SOHO networks more than others. Unlike larger businesses, startups commonly can’t afford the IT staff to manage their networks – or any systems, really. Startups also are more likely targets of security attacks than households due to their financial and community position.

While a business grows, it can be hard to know where or how much to invest in things like network infrastructure and other services that will help its IT environment grow with it and avoid security leaks, bugs, crashes, and other ugly elements.

Network monitoring (such as one from a NOC) can help identify security threats and bottlenecks before they become significant.

So what supplementary measures can be put into place to allow SOHO networks to remain stable, competitive and not be a pain for the new entrepreneur?

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