The Cloud made customers ‘choosy’

When I took my first job in business tech about 10 years ago, the whole "Cloud" concept was still in diapers and most of our customers were content building their own data and network rooms, usually within their very office building.

3 main problems with biometric security

If you’re thinking of adding some physical security to your work facilities, you’ve probably come across quite a few options already, such as the well-established fingerprint and retina scanners. You would do well on being thorough on your research since...

RequestICT launches “Business Tech Marketplace” network in Houston

RequestICT, a reverse-auction ICT (or IT) procurement platform that allows its customers to build an RFT and use it to reach out to local ICT solution providers today announced the launch of its Beta platform with a service area comprising the Greater Houston Area, featuring 50 RVPs (Verified Vendor Partners) and 12 ICT categories, including Network Communications, Cyber Security, Data Center Solutions, Application Development, among others.