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The Cloud made customers ‘choosy’

When I took my first job in business tech about 10 years ago, the whole "Cloud" concept was still in diapers and most of our customers were content building their own data and network rooms, usually within their very office building.

3 main problems with biometric security

If you’re thinking of adding some physical security to your work facilities, you’ve probably come across quite a few options already, such as the well-established fingerprint and retina scanners. You would do well on being thorough on your research since...

RequestICT launches “Business Tech Marketplace” network in Houston

RequestICT, a reverse-auction ICT (or IT) procurement platform that allows its customers to build an RFT and use it to reach out to local ICT solution providers today announced the launch of its Beta platform with a service area comprising the Greater Houston Area, featuring 50 RVPs (Verified Vendor Partners) and 12 ICT categories, including Network Communications, Cyber Security, Data Center Solutions, Application Development, among others.

What’s in your Network? Is it all legal?

"I honestly have no idea what's in my Network" is something I hear far too often when meeting with a new customer. Most business Networks have this problem. If (or rather, when) End Users are taking matters into their own hands and installing unlicensed software, your company could be exposed to legal action and when it comes down to it, it’s easy to see who will be held responsible (actually, 41% of all software installed on global PCs is unlicensed).

The Expert Shopper

When dealing with everyday personal shopping we tend to be more and more conscious about getting the best possible deal, and so we don't mind spending additional time searching the web to get $5, $10, $20 bucks off an electronic device or a piece of furniture. And not only do we pride ourselves in getting a good deal, but we even brag about it with our friends (assuming anyone would ask).

Measuring the business value of IT

Demonstrating performance and productivity gains to organizations from investments in information technology (IT) continues to be challenging. The notions of the productivity paradox and "IT Doesn’t Matter", have received widespread attention over the last few decades.

Are we ready for online IT procurement?

What if there was a service that would allow the End Users to shop for IT and ICT components and get actual quotes and proposals from qualified, vetted consulting firms and resellers, having the opportunity to shop around, compare and even rate the latter, without ever stepping outside their office?